How To Meet Women Online – The Secret Tactics Guide That “Dating Gurus” NEVER Want You To Know About!

This guide answers one simple question: how to meet women online. While any idiot can join a dating site, it’s pretty safe to say that most guys don’t know WHAT to do to to CONSISTENTLY meet women from online dating sites .

The ONLY Things That Matter: Time And Cost

The match: There is a crucial and equally practical catch: You can only contact the person who has made a conscious decision for you on their smartphone in the form of a written message. We are talking about the so-called “match” – “It fits!” Tinder then announces on her screen. So the first step has been taken. Now it is important to maintain the obviously good first optical impression. Clumsy pick-up lines are rarely successful, think best hookup sites free. You after! The digital world is not enough! You and your match actually meet. So anyone who may have cheated before, made themselves more interesting or attractive than they actually are, now has bad cards. Because nowhere do you get to know each other better than in real life. The app makes the start, you are responsible for the rest! In November 2015, the first Tinder party took place in Munich. Read here how it went there. I like to have a variety of women in my life. But I don’t like spending A LOT OF TIME OR MONEY in bars and clubs to get ‘em. That’s why I date online. What NO ONE has done done so far is actually explain the ONLY two factors that matter most to men when it comes to dating & sleeping with women.
  • FACTOR #1 is TIME TO CLOSE: How long does it take to get a women to bed, from the time you meet her on a first date. If it takes you 7 hours to bang a chick of versus … say …. 3 hours to close a girl from SexSearch. Where should you focus your efforts going forward?
  • FACTOR #2 is COST PER LAY: How much each piece of tail actually cost you in net dollars. Give a lap dance costs 20$, and all you get is a woody – is it possible to basically get a chick into bed for … say … less than 40$?
Amanda From XXXMatch


Here’s an example of what I mean. I closed this girl (the one on the right in the pic) in under 3 hours using my first date closing tactic. I met her on XXXMatch and it took me about 4 hours in total to get her to the first date. The date cost me less than 30$. I had two drinks and she had one. She was totally worth it. Now, if I got the sense that this same girl required 10 MORE hours of my time over 3 ADDITIONAL dinner dates, which would have cost me upwards of 200$ (not including my time), I would have probably not pursued her after the first meeting. While evaluating which site is BETTER than ANOTHER – it breaks down to two simple metrics per woman you slept with: TIME (a.k.a.: EFFORT) and COST
Time & Cost Diagram

How To Meet Women Online: What It’s All About

I’m not going to talk about “chance meetings” in this guide. Anyone can get lucky and meet someone at some point – given enough time and effort. Instead, I’m going to walk you through a step-by-step process that actually works for meeting girls online.

Common Mistakes Men Make When Meeting Women Online

This video pretty much sums up what this site is about. This is why most guys fail when they try online dating sites.
Once you’ve read through this guide, you’ll understand how to:
  1. Avoid common mistakes every man makes online.
  2. Differentiate yourself from 99% of guys on online dating sites.
  3. Create an insane pipeline of women by working MULTIPLE TYPES of dating sites.
  4. Seduce women in your “online pipeline” by saying LESS, not more.
  5. Manufacture a “busy life model” so girls give their MAXIMUM EFFORT when you are talking to them.
  6. Build a “hypnotic” dating profile that will lure women in when they see it.
  7. Write emails that get a 90% response rate.
  8. Move a girl from simply emailing to an actual date.
  9. Create the right setting (a.k.a.: “vibe”) to close the deal.
I’ve built up this method on how to meet women online because I don’t like leaving anything to chance. A few years ago, I’d email women willy-nilly and secretly hope that whatever I sent them was going to “stick” – and that they would write back. I even tried copy / pasting the same “killer awesome guaranteed-to-get-a-response dating email” that I’d bought from a “guru” online. The response rate was … ummm … how can I say this … well, total crap. Here’s what I discovered: the secret to meeting women online is not about any INDIVIDUAL piece. In fact, it’s about the WHOLE PROCESS – how you perform at every step of the way. Here’s a flowchart that details what I mean:

How To Meet Women Online: The InfoGraphic

Meet Women Online InfoGraphic
As you can see, the “failure” potential is pretty high because at any point, she can decide to NOT move the relationship towards intercourse. So you need to perform well at every step of the courtship. There’s ONE rule you need to know before all of the above holds true. You need to use dating sites that have ACTUAL WOMEN on them in order to succeed. BOTTOM LINE: There are so many online dating scams out there these days that the singe most important rule I have is to use sites that actually have women. As you’ll see later, this can be a pain in the ass to figure out. So here’s my guide to meet women online. It’s my contribution to the internet world – best of all … it’s (and shall stay) 100% FREE.
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