How To Look Busy: The Ultimate Tool

I personally I think the looking busy in the eyes of a woman is the ultimate secret tool. Having other stuff to do apart from focusing on her makes her want you more. As I mentioned in a previous article, the mot satisfying scores are the ones you have to work for. I’ve rarely heard a guy say “Wow that easy lay was the best thing EVER!”

Women are the same way. They know that they can get guys to do their bidding most of the time – because most guys are weak and supplicate way too easily. The men they end up liking are those that pay them a marginal amount of attention … hence the importance of being busy.

Here’s a shortlist of items that show you have a “busy life” when dating online.

Being Busy Rule #1: Never Answer When She Calls

This is especially applicable after you’ve already talked to her once or twice – unless you’re figuring out the logistics of meeting up. It’s pretty simple. When she calls you, don’t answer. Have her leave a voicemail and call her back 30-45 minutes later.

Answering The Phone Is Bad

NEVER Answer Your Phone When She Calls

Being Busy Rule #2: Wait 15 Mins Before Answering SMS

NEVER answer SMS messages / emails immediately. Nothing screams desperate like being too available for this type of communication. Instead of having long winded conversations over text messages, text her saying “I’m with my nephew / puppy / brother / sister right now. I’ll call you back as soon as I can.” Wait 2 hours and call her back.

Being Busy Rule #3: IM Blocking Tactics

You should never be too available on IM. If you’re online all the time, you come off as not having an actual life. Now, I’m not suggesting you quit the internet. All you have to do is BLOCK her after conversations, and UNBLOCK her when you want to talk to her online.

IM Blocking

Always BLOCK Her On IM After You’re Done

Also – I’d recommend never spending more than twenty or 30 minutes on IM with her any given session. End things with a swift “I have to head out to a thing – talk to you tomorrow?”.

Being Busy Rule #4: Reschedule A Date At Least Once

This is probably the best tactic in the “being busy” section. When you’ve agreed on a time for your first date, wait an hour – then call her back saying you totally forgot a birthday / event / thing that was happening on the day of the date – and setup a different time.

Follow these simple rules and I guarantee that she’ll be more interested to meet you as a result!

Next up, going from the first date to closing the deal.

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