Online Dating Mistakes – Top 5 “Deal Killers”

Even before we get into how to meet women online, I’m going to outline the top mistakes men make when trying to meet women online. While there are certainly more mistakes you can make, these five are by far the worse.

Dating Mistake #1: Picking The Wrong Dating Sites

There’s a ton of dating sites to pick from online – unfortunately, there are a lot of dating scams too. I can’t stress enough that the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT decision you have to make is which sites you’re going to signup for.

Getting this one wrong will cost you. There are hundreds of dating scams out there – so be careful when choosing a site. What you want is a site that ideally has a lot of women form your area on it.

With the help of a few buddies I’ve compiled a list of the best dating sites to use if you’re in the USA, Canada, the UK or Australia.

Dating Mistake #2: Not Having A Large Enough Pipeline To Work With

Dating is a numbers game for us guys. You need to reach out to multiple women. Guys that reach out to one chick a day generally don’t get anywhere. In the next section of this guide, I’m going to walk you through what online dating is like from a woman’s standpoint. Because women get flooded with requests from guys, you’ll need to play the numbers game – at least at when starting out.

You’ll also want to diversify the pools in which you decide to date in. For example, you may what to keep up a profile on a free dating site, and a few profiles on paid dating sites. The more sites you’re on, the stronger your dating pipeline will get over time – ultimately giving you more options for dating.

Dating Mistake #3: Having A Weak Or Regular Dating Profile

Your online dating profile will play a critical role in attracting women. My section on creating a killer dating profile will walk you through creating a good versus bad dating profile.

A bad dating profile is boring and doesn’t impress anyone. Generally, the dating profile reads like a shitty novel. A good dating profile will have women contacting you back almost immediately after getting your first note.

Dating Mistake #4: Being Too Pushy And Trying To Push Too Fast Too Early

Ask any woman that’s joined an online dating site – and she’ll tell you that the biggest turn off is a guy that’s too pushy, too fast. Online dating is RISKY for women. Most women are cautious because they have been deceived at some point using online dating.

Women classify men on dating sites into three categories: desperate losers, perverts and the “normal ones”. You want to be in that category. That means you can’t be too forward or too shy.

Dating Mistake #5: Being Too Available To Talk

Not “looking” busy enough is the equivalent of dating suicide. In order for her to see you as a real prize, you can’t be available or online 16 hours a day. Women don’t like a man without a life. Always being available on IM and always answering your phone when she calls screams “desperate loser”.

Being busy plays a key part in succeeding meeting women using online dating sites.

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