NoStringsAttached Review

by Online Dating Geek on September 7, 2011

NoStringsAttached Overview

NoStringsAttached has a woman to man ratio that’s not as good as on AffairsClub – but the sheer amount of people dating on it is just insane. It was started but a year ago, but the amount of marketing done by their team has been tremendous in bringing quality members.

My Rating For NoStringsAttached:
NoStringsAttached Free Trial

NoStringsAttached – My Results

I had 12 dates from this site and had 10 closes out of these. As on other affair dating sites, this one had slightly older ladies (I was wiling to meet women up to their late 30′s). I probably could have doubled that number given more focus on this site.

NoStringsAttached Review: The Good & The Bad

Definitely more good than bad on this site. Here’s the lowdown.

NoStringsAttached: The Bad

  • Mostly body pics, with little face shots because of discretion
  • Completing your profile is a little long to get done – lots of questions upfront

NoStringsAttached: The Good

  • Killer video chat feature
  • Fantastic interface to work with – easy and accrete search functionality
  • Very good notification model – for almost any action
  • They help you initiate contact with a “hot or not” section

NoStringsAttached Specific Advice: What To Do / Not To Do on NoStringsAttached

Much like any other affairs site, this one demands that discretion is of the utmost importance. Make sure you know how to get in touch with the women you meet on this site.

You’ll need to probably stay away from setting up dates in ultra-trendy bars / restaurants. So make sure you have a good game plan to either get them back to your place, or to a hotel room. I advise having your logistics planned out ahead of time and NOT leave it up to chance.

NoStringsAttached Pricing

This site offers a free trial without a credit card requirement. Pricing starts at 27.99$ / month, which is quite affordable.

NoStringsAttached Review - Site Homepage

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MarriedDateLink Review

by Online Dating Geek on September 7, 2011

MarriedDateLink Overview

This site is very active in larger cities such as NYC, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles. I’ve ranked it third, because only 25% of it’s members are women – which means you need to do a lot more emailing to get responses.

My Rating For MarriedDateLink:

MarriedDateLink Free Trial

MarriedDateLink – My Results

I had 10 dates, 6 of which closed. Two of the ones that didn’t close probably could have, if I had planned my moves a little better. I didn’t have a plan for bringing them back to my place, and as a result I wasn’t able to figure out the proper logistics.

MarriedDateLink Review: The Good & The Bad

Here’s the summary of good & bad features for MarriedDateLink

MarriedDateLink: The Bad

  • Pretty crude use interface – it’s not the “nicest” looking site I’ve come across
  • Less than ideal woman to man ratio
  • No video or IM chat – this site offers very “bare bones” functionality

MarriedDateLink: The Good

  • Free to try – also pretty cheap to join
  • Good live chat boards – but it’s all public

MarriedDateLink Specific Advice: What To Do / Not To Do on MarriedDateLink

Not ugh to say except the standard when it comes to meeting women off affair dating sites. The same advice I gave in my AffairsClub Review and NoStringsAttached Review applies.

MarriedDateLink Pricing

One month will run you 30$, with discounts for committing to longer periods. It also has a 100% free trial.

MarriedDateLink Review - Site Homepage

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