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by Online Dating Geek on September 7, 2011

AffairsClub (by XXXMatch) Overview

As far as married dating sites go, this one was by far the best. The interface is clean, and it’s overtaken AshleyMadison as the premier affair dating site online. The ratio of women to men is decent, and my overall experience with the site was positive.

My Rating For AffairsClub:

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AffairsClub – My Results

I had 15 dates over 3 months on this site, and closed on 12 of those. Obviously, the women had a tendency to be in their late 20′s to late 30′s, but that didn’t bother me. They were more than willing to get together with a younger guy.

AffairsClub Review: The Good & The Bad

Here’s the good & bad when it comes to AffairsClub.

AffairsClub: The Bad

  • Pictures were mostly body shots, because women are a little paranoid about their husbands finding out they are on a site like this
  • Responses to first emails didn’t come as fast as on adult dating sites – mainly because women need to be discrete about communication
  • No video chat capabilities – not a big deal, but it would have been a nice to have
  • Most women unwilling to meet in high-traffic public areas – mostly, I had hotel lobby dates followed by sex, which is the right approach for women on these sites

AffairsClub: The Good

  • Once replies were gotten to email, women moved quickly towards a secret first date
  • Very good presence in larger metro areas
  • Very strong “my matches” functionality and overall incredibly easy to use

AffairsClub Specific Advice: What To Do / Not To Do on AffairsClub

I’m going to recommend that you set you profile up as a single man, without attachments. Create a non-explicit profile. Married women will have a tendency to go for a “rebel” type of guy, given they never “expect” to have more than a one night stand.

I’d also say that you should clarify HOW you’ll be getting in touch with each other, outside of the site. I got a few women that got pissed off at me because I texted them on their phones. so outline ahead of time how you’ll be keeping in touch.

AffairsClub Pricing

The site’s pretty cheap. They offer a 1.95$ trial (however, it’s free to register and browse around). The site costs 20$ / month if you commit to a 3 month membership upfront.

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