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by Online Dating Geek on September 7, 2011

GetItOn Overview

I didn’t spend loads of time on this site, but I did have good results with it. This site uses the same member set as AdultFriendFinder – and adds a slant for women to join for sexual compatibility. Basically, women on AdultFriendFinder are available on GetItOn, but not the other way around.

So instead of wasting my time on AdultFriendFinder, I joined GetItOn. Twice the women – half the price.

My Rating For GetItOn:

GetItOn Free Trial

GetItOn – My Results

I got 5 dates from his site, out of which I closed 4. The women I did get to meet for a date were a lot hotter than SexSearch or XXXMatch, so I guess that counts for something – I just wish I wasn’t so lazy that I could assign a weight to each of these factors…

GetItOn Review: The Good & The Bad

Here are the bad and decent parts for GetItOn.

GetItOn: The Bad

  • No video to video chat – they only offer text chat and email communication
  • The picture browsing interface is mediocre at best
  • Women from AdultFriendFinder don’t always know they are chatting with a guy from GetItOn

GetItOn: The Good

  • For the most part, better looking women – the “sexual compatibility” message really seems to resonate with women
  • Great “your matches” section
  • Awesome notifications – you can get an email sent to you for just about anything a chick does (such as.: checking out your profile)

GetItOn Specific Advice: What To Do / Not To Do on GetItOn

This site’s goal is to get women that are sexually open. Their entire play is based on finding a sexually compatible mate – with the undertone of being “happier” as a woman if you’re having awesome sex.

Like the two previous reviews, I’ll re-state that you won’t get anywhere if you’re being too forward. For a woman, sexual compatibility is mostly in the mind. While women get just as horny as guys when they see a hot body, they process it differently. Men just think of pounding her doggystyle. Women fantasize about being romanced by this “fantasy dude” until their fantasy becomes so strong that they can bypass the mental part and just settle for the physical.

So if you have a 6-pack, you have an advantage on this site. If you don’t, your play needs to be on having playing up the personality part – because every other guy isn’t. If you want her to be interested, you need to be INTERESTING.

Play it slow. Don’t be like all the other guys out there. Be the guy that’ll charm her instead of repulsing her. Dance with her online. Start with a nice, slow email from my differentiating yourself section and move a little more SLOWLY than you would using SexSearch or XXXMatch. Remember – you’re there to move her from fantasy to reality.

GetItOn Pricing

GetItOn offers a free trial, with a 28$ / month paid membership. It’s more expensive than the others – but I think that if you’re a fairly good looking guy, you should be able to do really well on this site.

GetItOn Review - Site Homepage

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