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by Online Dating Geek on September 7, 2011

SexSearch Overview

As far as adult dating sites, this is the best one I’ve tried so far. it has the best ratio of men to women, and it’s been around since 1997 – so it’s a trusted location to go to when it comes to adult dating.

My SexSearch rating:

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SexSearch – My Results

I met 22 girls off SexSearch for first dates and 17 closed. That’s not a bad ratio for an adult dating site. I have to say that thinking back to the actual dates, most of the work had been done ahead of time. I kept a lot of these girls on IM for quite a bit before I actually setup a date. In hindsight, I probably could have increased the first date number by 50% if I was on this site exclusively.

SexSearch Review: The Good & The Bad

Here are the good and bad parts of SexSearch.

SexSearch: The Bad

  • It’s got a few ads in the main interface, even after you become a paying member
  • Profile registration is free. Trial costs 3.95$
  • No video chat option, but otherwise very good communication options

SexSearch: The Good

  • Good woman to man ratio. For some reason, guys haven’t overloaded this site just yet
  • Very strong membership base in medium (i.e.: Austin) and large (i.e.: New York) cities
  • Conversations with girls get pretty X-rated, pretty fast – if you know what you’re doing

SexSearch Specific Advice: What To Do / Not To Do on SexSearch

While the site’s really “hookup” oriented – it’s not a good idea to go on it and be too forward in your first contacts. You might *THINK* that it’s a good thing to just email every girl with “I wanna fuck you bad”, but it’s not. Because 95% of guys on this site do this, women join and drop off pretty quickly.

What you want to do is show your ABSOLUTE BEST SIDE on this site. Instead of cock pictures, use pics like the ones in my “Differentiating Yourself” article. If you just show up and BE and ACT like a normal human being, you’ll reap rewards a lot faster than anyone else.

Remember: Guys go on SexSearch thinking that they’ll get laid REGARDLESS of how they act. And that’s simply not true. Hold off on the X-rated chats until you’ve gotten to know her just a little bit, and you’ll find that pulling them into a date becomes really easy.

SexSearch Pricing

SexSearch is pretty cheap to join. They have a 3-day trial for 3.95$ and an annual membership that works out to roughly 13.00$ a month if you prepay. They also offer month-to-month options. I’d say that you’ll want to spend at least a month on it. Two weeks to build your pipeline and another two to figure out if the women are worth getting with based on your standards.

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