Time & Cost Per Lay – The Full Analysis

As mentioned in the guide, I really focused on the time and cost associated with each site as a basis of comparison. I compiled the results into the bale below, which shows my estimated “Cost Per Lay” for each site I’ve used. I only compiled data for the sites that I consider to be “non-scam” dating sites – as compiling this data for scam sites was pretty useless.

In general, I found that adult dating sites *and* affair dating sites cost less “per lay” than regular dating sites, likely because of the pre-disposition of the women you meet (more open to expedited sex as opposed to looking for love online).

Here are the results from my online dating experiments:

SexSearch Review Logo Read Full Review 39.00$ 450.00$ 489.00$
3.0h 28.76$
AffairsClub Review Logo Read Full Review 60.00$ 300.00$ 360.00$
2.5h 30.00$
PassionSearch Review Logo Read Full Review 90.00$ 400.00$ 490.00$
3.5h 40.80$
XXXMatch Review Logo Read Full Review 75.00$ 200.00$ 275.00$
2.5h 30.55$
GetItOn Review Logo Read Full Review 84.00$ 100.00$ 184.00$
3.5h 46.00$
NoStringsAttached Review Logo Read Full Review 84.00$ 240.00$ 324.00$
2.5h 33.40$
MarriedDateLink Review Logo Read Full Review 90.00$ 150.00$ 240.00$
3.0h 40.00$
Passion.com Review Logo Read Full Review 111.00$ 300.00$ 411.00$
4.0h 45.67$
Match.com Review Logo Read Full Review 150.00$ 280.00$ 430.00$
6.0h 53.75$

Dating Cost Table Explanation

Here what each column means in the table above (figures in US Dollars):

  • TMC (Total Membership Costs): The total cost paid for 3 months of membership (gold or silver, depending on the site), un US Dollars.
  • TDC (Total Date Costs): The total cost I spent on dating, for the women I ended up sleeping with.
  • TC (Total Cost): TMC + TDC
  • #LAYS (Number Of Lays): Number of women closed from each site.
  • ADT (Average Date Time): Average time each date took, for the women I slept with.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lay): Final cost per lay for each site.

I highly recommend the regardless of which dating site you use (one of these or otherwise), you keep rack of how much money you spend on membership & dates – as well as how much time it takes you to close a girl. It’s really the ONLY GOOD WAY I’ve found to weed out the sites that end up being ineffective and / or too much effort – and therefore focus on the ones that work best for you.

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