Which Site To Use

There are four main types of dating sites for dating:

  • Regular Dating Sites: Such as PlentyOfFish or Match.com
  • Adult Dating Sites: Such as AFF and GIO
  • Affair Dating Sites: Such as affair dating sites
  • Fetish Dating Sites: Such as BDSM

Each site type can be used for a different purpose at different times. The lower on the totem pole the type of site is, the easier it is to find a woman to screw easily.

The scale of getting laid

The Weirder … The Easiest!

Regular Dating Sites

Regular dating sites are your standard run-in-the-mill dating sites. These promise “love” to women, and sex to men. Basically, if you want to meet women online on Match.com, you need to fake your personality a little.

Adult Dating Sites

There are only two adult dating sites worth joining online: SexSearch and AdultFriendFinder. Adult dating is one of those terms that promises a lot, and delivers a little less. You see, the bulk of women are slightly older.

Let me illustrate – would this girl NEED to find a guy on an adult dating site?

Club Girl

Your “Ideal Date” Online

HELL NO!. If she wanted to, she’d simply go out and meet and fuck ANY guy she wanted to.

Now … how about this one:

Older woman an dating online


She’s not unattractive … in fact, she’s quite cute. But not as young and not as pretty as the girl in the previous picture. While the first girl can get a man whenever she can, the second will end up on an adult dating site.

That’s what you get on adult dating sites. The women are much easier to pull into bed, but are not as hot as a 21 year old college girls.

Affair Dating Sites

If you want to get a guaranteed lay, go for married women. They are a prime example of easy. They only look for sex – rarely give you drama and ALWAYS call you back when they are drunk and “ready again”.

Married women are looking for what I like to call “quick passion” because their husbands aren’t giving them any action at home. They end up on secret affair dating sites, because most of them are scared of going out on the town and running into someone they know.

Fetish Dating Sites

Fetish dating sites are different from all the others I’ve mentioned. While it’s really easy to pull women off these type of sites, you need to be ready to tailor to their fetishes. If you don’t have the stomach for that, I would strongly recommend you stay away from these types of sites.

When men think about “fetishes” they generally think this:

When in fact it’s more like this:

Or (actually) this:

So BE CAREFUL and pick the right site for what you’re trying to do! Next up, how to look busy!

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